CM4 High Temperature Pyranometer
Product Details
Product Information
ISO standard grade secondary(Second Class)
Response time <2.5s(63%);<8s
Sensitivity 4~10μV/W/m2
Spectral selectivity(350~1500nm) <3%
maximum irradiance 4000W/ m2
Response time <3%
Protection class IP67

Application Scenarios
  • Climate chambers and other technical installations with extreme conditions are typical environments for the CM4. For example, vehicles are tested for thermal stress and material and system degradation under artificial climate conditions.
  • The CM4 High Temperature Pyranometer is a radiometer designed for measuring solar or artificial light irradiance under the most extreme temperature conditions.
  • The CM4 comes with a 10m long dedicated high temperature signal cable.
  • Suzhou Winsure Optical supply A series of laboratory lighting solutions such as airbag ignition lighting, crash test lighting, aging light source design, and solar radiation simulation.
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