Light control software, electric light source universal / visual
Product Details
Product information:
  • Wireless intelligent control board
  • Intelligent light control software
  • Real time monitoring of various operating parameters of each lamp
  • Remote and wireless control
  • Adjustable power supply: 240W, 500W
  • Impact resistant power supply
  • Voltage output: 12/24/36/48v
  • Wireless control
  • Visual page design
  • Electrodeless dimming
  • Group control
  • Can be manually controlled
  • External control interface can be connected
  • Smart design and easy installation
  • Voltage and current regulation function
  • Simple plug connector design
  • Impulse electric light source voltage module is optional
Application scenarios:
  • Intelligent light control
  • I applications
  • Adjustable power supply: power supply for optical control products
  • Constant voltage and constant current power supply for electrical automation products
  • Impact resistant power supply      Power supply for on-board equipment of collision test
  • Power supply of on-board light for crash test
  • Follow up power supply for drop test of aerospace products
Suzhou Winsure Optical supply A series of laboratory lighting solutions such as airbag ignition lighting, crash test lighting, aging light source design, and solar radiation simulation.
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