Product Details
Product Information
Power 36W(High temperature ambient lighting)
Power 80W
Input working voltage 220V/Power supply
Temperature resistance range of LED lights -70°~+95℃
High temperature light guide light -100°~+150℃
Temperature resistance range of tungsten halogen lamps -45°~+180℃
Light control components life 3000 hours
Dimensions of the LED light 170X50X120 (L*W*H)
Dimensions of tungsten halogen lamps 140X80X55 (L*W*H)
Weight 1.5kg/1.0k'g

Product Features 
  • High temperature lamps
  • Simple plug connector design
  • portable handle
  • Reserved mounting holes for customer scenarios
  • Always bright under normal temperature conditions
Application Scenarios
  • High temperature and high heat application scenarios
  • Special lighting application scenarios
  • Military and aerospace application scenarios
Suzhou Winsure Optical supply A series of laboratory lighting solutions such as airbag ignition lighting, crash test lighting, aging light source design, and solar radiation simulation.
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